Temporary exhibitions

The Interpretation Centre permanent exhibition is complemented by Temporary Exhibitions inside its facilities, whose objective is to make local master craftsmen known. They keep the traditional pottery of the area alive with their hands and/or they design new methods for a more environmentally-friendly artistic creation.

martes, 26 de mayo de 2015

by María López Cruz

María López Cruz, the creator of the needlework and weaving that is being presented in this exhibit is a neighbour of the Barriada de Cuevas of Guadix. She has lived since childhood in the Cuatro Veredas although, nowadays, she lives in the Ermita Nueva and manages the Tourist Lodging, Cuevas de Maria.

Her interest in needlework and knitting began at age 14 when she learned it from her boss, Antonia Hernández, the owner of a chicken farm in Guadix where María began to work at an early age. After work, María learned to weave wool at the hand of Antonia, from scarves to shawls or blankets, to sweaters that she would then weave for her family.

Her imagination and her anxiousness to complete a project in order to begin another one makes María always think about what she is going to do next. Scarves and hats, table clothes, shawls for sofas or foot coverings for beds, tulip-shaped shades for table lamps, flamenco suits for dolls for fiestas and a large list of other things – all done in needle work and knitting in a thousand colours.

One of her most recent works has been the creation of the Cross of May in pieces of needlework in multicoloured wool with a flower motif for the Hermandad del Descendimiento of Guadix.


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