Temporary exhibitions

The Interpretation Centre permanent exhibition is complemented by Temporary Exhibitions inside its facilities, whose objective is to make local master craftsmen known. They keep the traditional pottery of the area alive with their hands and/or they design new methods for a more environmentally-friendly artistic creation.

lunes, 13 de abril de 2015

Recycling: A child’s play

ATANI is non-profit organization which arose in 2001 from the anxiety felt by a group of mothers who, being affected by their sons and daughters’ drug addiction, look for aid for their treatment and subsequent reintegration.

At the present time, one of the projects developed by this organization since 2001 is the PIMA (Program for the Comprehensive Prevention in an Open Environment) through which they work with groups of minors the values education and attitudes that act as protection factors facing the offer and the use of drugs. They are: tolerance to the frustration, self-esteem, commitment and respect for the nature. It hopes to be an alternative to the leisure consumer model that prevails nowadays.

The program currently focuses on a recycling workshop that allows us to work with children through a range of leisure which parts of their interests and where they go on their own initiative, values ​​and attitudes that will enable them to confront the risks to be turned up along their young adult life.

In this exhibition, recycled toys which were made during the 2013-14 course are presented. Through them, children discovered that making their own toys implies a double fun.


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